Did you know that unmarried partners (and partners who have not registered a civil partnership) will not inherit from each other unless there is a will in place? There is no such thing as a common law marriage.

Did you know, if you die as a single person with no children, and in the absence of any surviving relations, your entire estate and possessions could end up being passed to the crown if you do not have a will?

If your circumstances have changed, such as separation, divorce or marriage, it is also important that you make or amend a will to ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

At ACS Solicitors, we provide a comprehensive Will writing service so that your intentions may be carried out after your death, avoiding the stress and cost involved in not having a Will,  or even avoiding a family feud.

Our specialist team will take the stress out of planning for the inevitable and will provide advice on a range of matters including couples who have their own individual assets or children from previous relationships, Trusts, Inheritance Tax limitation, gifts to children along with more unusual requests.

Surprisingly, only three out of ten people have a will when they die.  Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic.  Please contact our Will writing department today for further information.

If you would find it difficult to attend our office, we can arrange to visit you if you wish. 

Type of WillSingle PersonCouple
Simple Will (estate is left to the beneficiaries outright)£225.00 (£187.50 + VAT £37.50)£395.00 (£329.17 + VAT £65.83)
Traditional Will (some or all of the assets are left in trust for the lifetime of one or more of the beneficiaries) £325.00 (£270.83 + VAT £54.17)£495.00 (£412.50 + VAT £82.50)
Will Update (Minor update of existing will, such as amending executors, guardians, or beneficiaries)£72.00 (£60.00 + VAT £12.00)£100.00 (£83.33 + VAT £16.67)
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