Lasting Powers of Attorney

What would you do if you lost mental capacity through a serious accident or an illness such as a stroke or dementia? Who would look after your financial affairs or make decisions about your healthcare?

Losing capacity to make decisions can happen to anybody at any age, and unless you’ve got a Lasting Power of Attorney in place to allow a nominated person to make decisions on your behalf, applying through the courts to enable them to do this can be costly and time consuming.

At ACS Solicitors, we are able to provide comprehensive advice on the legal process in which a ‘donor’ hands over to an ‘attorney’ the power to decide what is done with their financial assets and property.  This can be formulated in a legal document called Lasting Power of Attorney.

Our specialist department can provide independent legal advice as to the benefits of executing a Lasting Power of Attorney, when it should come into force (whether immediately or in the event of mental incapacity), and help you decide who would be most suitable to act on your behalf.

We are also able to provide advice if you have been appointed Attorney, or are not happy with the way an attorney is carrying out their duties.

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Our LPA Fees

Type of LPASingle PersonCouple
Single Lasting Power of Attorney* (Health & Care Decisions or Financial decisions)£420.00 (£350.00 + VAT £70.00)£740.00 (£616.67 + VAT £123.33)
Both Lasting Power of Attorney* (Health and Care Decisions and Financial Decisions)£740.00 (£616.67 + VAT £123.33)£1380.00 (£1150.00 + VAT £230.00)

*  The Office of the Public Guardian charges a registration fee of £82.00 per Lasting Power of Attorney, subject to certain circumstances where this may be discounted or waived

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